About Tricky Pix

Power to the pixel. Fueled by human hands.

Here at Tricky Pix, our magic isn’t smoke and mirrors, clever algorithms or ineffective DIY apps. Our magic is our highly skilled and truly dedicated staff of real live photo editors.

Through photographic retouching wizardry, pixel after pixel, we create effects that appear magical by their capacity to transform your pictures. It’s how we got our name: Pixel Tricks + Your Pictures = Tricky Pix

We aren’t just wizards at retouching. We also understand the entire creative process. With our strong technical background and our keen artistic eye, we have the skill-set to deliver stunning digitally retouched images on time, every time, for whatever commercial project you require.

  • Commercial Photographers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Graphic Design Firms
  • Magazines and Publications
  • Manufacturers and Distributors

There is no such thing as perfection. We can all point out the things we hate about photos of ourselves. We can instantly spot bad lighting or wardrobe malfunctions in those once-in-a-lifetime event shots. These perceived flaws don’t take away from a person’s true beauty or the happy memory of that special event, but they do take away from the treasured keepsake photos that document those special moments in time.

  • Weddings
  • Holiday Cards and Gifts
  • Family Reunions
  • Graduations
  • Celebrations and Special Events
  • Birth Announcements

The highly skilled photo editors at Tricky Pix can restore and enhance your vintage photographs, bringing your family treasures back to life to be enjoyed and preserved for generations. We’ll scan your original and edit only the digital version — your original photograph is returned unaltered. We can also work from your own scan, if the quality is sufficient.

  • Restore faded photographs
  • Repair scratches, tears and creases
  • Remove mold, spots and stain damage
  • Sepia tone, hand color and other effects

Beyond simple retouching our team can apply a plethora of special effects to your photos. Want a pastel rendering look or an old school mezzotint? There’s a filter for that. Want a polar bear posing in your vacation-photo-turned-holiday-card? There’s a pixel trick for that and for anything else you desire.

  • Epic backgrounds
  • Dramatic lighting
  • Filters and textures
  • Border effects
  • Artistic renderings


  • all
  • Retouching
  • Correction
  • Restoration
  • Effects

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Job Satisfaction

Wizardry Services

Portraits & Event Photos

Clean-up, drop-in, retouch-out, enhance or color correct. We’ve got just the right mix to enhance your precious pix.

Product Shots

Erase product blemishes. Change yellow widgets to ecru. Tell us your wish and we’ll apply the perfect product fix tricks.

Advertising Images

Stand and deliver! We earned our stars and stripes working on tight deadlines for persnickety art directors and exacting clients.

Restoration of Old Prints

Scan. Repair. Restore. Repeat. We’ll bring your treasured family photos back to life while carefully protecting your original.

Editing & Composing

A little of this? A dash of that? A pinch out here? A new background there? Shaken? Or maybe stirred? Oh the possibilities – a veritable quandary over what to choose.

Filters & Effects

Hocus Pocus, Alakazam! Our wizards have an embarrassment of riches in pixel edit tricks up their masterful, highly skilled sleeves.

Digital Printing

Matte, Glossy or Textured Fine Art. We offer digital prints in any size from 2"x3" up to 12"x18". Custom canvas wraps or larger sizes are available upon special request.

Quality Results

We get a genuine kick out of what we do and it shows. Ad man David Ogilvy explained this best: “Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”


Small office, But big on Quality!!! That is the best way to describe this company. They were fast, professional and polite. I would recommend them no matter what the size of your project. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

Angela N.

Notably good service experience. They were highly professional reliable and thorough throughout the entire process.


Excellent quality and outstanding service. They handle big projects or small projects — always available. Never a moment’s worry when it comes to deadlines; they’ll be ready before you are.

Paula H.

Customized Price Quotes

For Consumers

Portraits / Event Photos

Vintage Print Restoration

Editing / Composing / Special Effects

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For Businesses

Product Shots / Advertising Images

Photo Compiling / Editing / Correction

Corporate Officer & Staff Portraits

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For Agencies

Product Shots / Advertising Images

Photo Compiling / Color Correction

Full Service Freelance Image Editing

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W is for What

What file type do I upload?

You can upload images in jpeg format, up to 20MB in size. If your file cannot be retouched as supplied, we will suggest alternative solutions.

H is for How

How long does it take for a Tricky Pix Quote?

Tricky Pix will typically send you a quote in 2 to 3 business days from the time you upload your images for our review.

H is for How

How long will it take?

We can usually complete your images in 2 to 7 days from the time you approve the quote, depending on how much work is needed.

C is for Can

Can I get my images on a CD or DVD?

Yes. Just include your preference and your shipping zip code in your quote request and we will itemize this pricing for you.

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